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CodeTitlePDFSubjectDateStart TimeEnd TimeSpeakersCurrent FeeCe HoursStatus
L122 Endo for GPs: Better_ Safer _ Faster Root Canals Endodontics02-23-20238:00 AM11:00 AMManor Haas$105.003.00Open
FSL115 Full Mouth Implant Prosthodontics: The (Digital) Nuts and Bolts of Treatment Prosthodontics02-23-20238:00 AM9:30 AMNaif Sinada$0.001.50Open
L121 HIPAA Compliance How Well Are You Really Protected? Osha/Hipaa02-23-20238:00 AM11:00 AMMary Govoni$105.003.00Open
L123M Looking Beyond Teeth & Saving Lives: Dentist's Role in Sleep Disordered Breathing Sleep02-23-20238:00 AM11:00 AMJamison Spencer$105.003.00Open
L119 Dispelling 'CSI Effect' Myth: Overview of Contemporary Forensic Dentistry Forensics02-23-20238:00 AM11:00 AMAnthony Cardoza$105.003.00Open
FL120 Red, Swollen, Glossy & Boggy: Fixing Those Broken Gums Periodontics02-23-20238:00 AM11:00 AMConstantine Politis$0.003.00Open
SL117 Guided Implant Surgery Increase Accuracy, Efficiency & Reduce Stress Fxd Pros02-23-20238:00 AM9:30 AMKevin Kopp$50.001.50Open
L118 Are You Numb Yet? Pharmacology of Local Anesthesia Anesthesia02-23-20238:00 AM11:00 AMAlan Budenz$105.003.00Open
W102 Atraumatic Extractions & Socket Grafting for the GP, Staff Surgery02-23-20238:00 AM11:00 AMLee Silverstein$490.003.00Sold Out
W101 CPR/AED Certification: BLS for the Healthcare Professional CPR/BLS02-23-20238:00 AM11:00 AMVickie Onesti$75.003.00Sold Out
SL 116 Prosthetic Plastic Surgery: Masking Tissue Deficiencies in Implant Restoration Prosthetic Plastic Surgery02-23-20238:00 AM9:30 AMBrian Butler$50.001.50Open
W100 Accurate Alginate Impressions & Model Pouring Techniques Auxiliaries02-23-20238:00 AM11:00 AMSarah Conroy$215.003.00Sold Out
L124 One Day You're the Pigeon, Next Day the Statue: Power of Words in Building Relationships Inspiration02-23-20238:00 AM11:00 AMDave Weber$105.003.00Open
L134 Oral Pathology Plus in Pediatrics Pediatric Dentistry02-23-20238:30 AM11:30 AMJane Soxman$105.003.00Open
L128 Best Practices to Get Off of PPOs & More Bus Comm02-23-20238:30 AM11:30 AMKirk Behrendt$105.003.00Open
L135 3D Printed Full Arch Composite Resin Prosthesis Digital Record, Printed Guide, Indexed Prosthesis Technology02-23-20238:30 AM11:30 AMDaniel Spagnoli$105.003.00Open
L129 Defend Dentures: Aesthetic & Functional Foundations for Removable Prosthetics Restorative02-23-20238:30 AM11:30 AMMiles Cone$105.003.00Open
L133 Go Ahead _ Bite into that Apple: Treatment Plan for Success & Avoid Complications Rem Pros02-23-20238:30 AM11:30 AMRonni Schnell$105.003.00Open
DL132 Delivering WOW Service: It's How You Make Them Feel Bus Comm02-23-20238:30 AM11:30 AMJudy Mausolf$105.003.00Open
L131 A Blueprint for Practice Growth for Doctor & Team Bus Comm02-23-20238:30 AM11:30 AMSteven Katz, Kelly Galvagni$105.003.00Open
SL125 21st Century Composites: Stop Layering & Start Injection Molding Restorative02-23-20238:30 AM10:00 AMDavid Clark , Lauren Yasuda Rainey$50.001.50Open
FL130 Materials for Restorative Not Reparative Dentistry I Have it _ You Need It Products02-23-20238:30 AM11:30 AMHoward S Glazer$0.003.00Open
L127 Dental Drug Therapy: How to Maximize Results with Minimal Risk Pharmacology02-23-20238:30 AM11:30 AMKaren Baker$105.003.00Open
SL126 Hackers are after You: Protecting yourself from Evils of the Internet Cybersecurity02-23-20238:30 AM10:00 AMSteven McEvoy$50.001.50Open
W105 Composite resin veneer to rival Porcelain Restorative02-23-20238:30 AM11:30 AMBob Margeas$440.003.00Open